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Our Products Are Cruelty-Free: What Exactly Does That Mean?

By Orven Mallari | Aug. 19, 2020

Grantas promises to make products that are both environmentally and ethically pleasant. One of the ways we do that is being a cruelty-free makeup brand. But what does “cruelty-free” really mean, and why is it an important part of our ethos?

The latter years of the 20th century saw a rise in the animal rights movements all across the world, an important part of which is the movement to end scientific testing on animals. Still to this day, 20 million animals are experimented on and culled per year, 5 million of which are tested for the purpose of testing non-medical products such as household products and cosmetics. The extent to which some animal rights groups have gone about espousing those beliefs may not have been the most popular, but the core idea of reducing animal’s suffering under our hands has resonated with many people around the world.

The use of the term “cruelty-free” was first used in 1959 to describe fake furs, but the first time that cruelty-free products were truly marketed as such was around 1996. Since there are no FDA regulations regarding what could be called cruelty-free, many products were claimed as cruelty-free even if they were not. In response, international nonprofits sought to remedy this lack of regulation through systems of reliably cruelty-free products. 

white rabbit cruelty-free


The Leaping Bunny Certification is probably the most recognizable indicator of cruelty-free products to consumers, meaning that seeing the Leaping Bunny symbol in your product’s packaging is sure to increase interest in it. And surprisingly, it is also one of the most rigorous: while claims of “not tested on animals” or “cruelty-free” may only refer to the end product, a Leaping Bunny Certification ensures that there is no animal testing involved across all stages of its development. In a 2011 poll, 65% American consumers put trust in products with independent/third-party seals of cruelty-free practices.

To be Leaping Bunny Certified, a US or Canada-based company must go through a thorough self-investigation of their suppliers and any other steps necessary to prove that the product is truly cruelty-free. The process takes time and resources which may not be feasible for small brands. As we grow as a business, Grantas is making it its goal to be among the over 1,000 brands that are Leaping Bunny certified


About the Author: Orven Mallari is currently a senior at Yale University. As an Environmental Engineering major, they are passionate about pursuing sustainable solutions to tackle global issues. When not reading up on environmental justice, they spend their time watching Premier League soccer, dreaming about visiting  every National Park across the U.S., and cooking pasta.

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